You and iCC give 80% more chance to nature.

Our goal to overcome Climate Change by 2050.

The Facts:

Globally, we produce most of our energy requirements in a non-sustainable way. The burning of fossil energy resources like coal, natural gas and petroleum results in greenhouse gases’ leaking into the atmosphere and causing Global Warming, which is the driving force of Climate Change.

Our goal to overcome Climate Change by 2050

What will it take to rise above Climate Change?

We have to act proactively and responsibly, and we also have to focus on the source of the problems which is the excessive emission of greenhouse gases. By 2050, with the help of the massive spread of renewable energies, we will be able to reduce our emission of hazardous gases by 80%, thus stopping Global Warming.

Our goal to overcome Climate Change by 2050

You and iCC can.

When you buy an iCC product or service, the iCC partner invests a portion of its profit into renewable energy projects, so we can overcome Climate Change.