We are developing environmentally conscious businesses.

The biggest challenge of our time is to create harmony between mankind and the natural environment. Those companies that are the first to realize that it is not enough for their products and services to have perfect quality but to ensure that they are sustainable on a long-term basis, will obtain tremendous advantage. This will be both reflected in their optimized operational costs, and in SOCIETY’S RECOGNITION TOWARDS THEM. In addition, it will also be noticeable in the growth of their market shares.

The aim of the iCC 100% Carbon neutral qualification is to increase the organization’s reputation and to strengthen people’s confidence towards it. The communicational services of iCC will help the organizations to spread the news of their practices towards targeted and concerned groups.


  • The integration of the iCC 100% Carbon neutral communication contents into corporate/brand communication
  • Inside training – iCC 100% Carbon neutral communication, training
  • Webpage – iCC-audit and advices for content development
  • Preparation of iCC sustainability reports
  • iCC press releases
  • Multimedia communication

Be sure, that all of your partners and customers have come to know and understood the significance of the responsibility of their company joining the path of sustainability and winning the 100% Carbon neutral iCC qualification.

The following two points will describe what you need to do in order to achieve this!