Get on a higher level with iCC.

Make a final step towards nature.

Perfect quality products and services that are fun to use? That is expectable. Perfect quality products and services that are fun to use and are sustainable in the long run what is more they do not pollute the environment? This is iCC. At last, you have the chance to palpably contribute to the fight against Climate Change, and to express your affection towards nature! Take it to the next level with the iCC products!

100% carbon neutral.

The iCC partners have reduced the Carbon Footprint to zero of all of their products and services. This means that by financing a renewable energy project, not only did they carry out numerous energy efficiency increasing solutions, but they also balanced their greenhouse gas emissions that were left behind from production, logistics, usage and from recycling.

Top brands.

We bring you together with those brands that have traditional line of thinking. Not only do they impress you with their fascinating products and services, but they also see the future in protecting and respecting the environment and the next generations.

Searching for perfection.

We establish and maintain close relationships with the most outstanding organizations and individuals that are fighting against Climate Change. With their help we are continuously advancing and their supervision makes our work transparent. Our Ethical Codex guarantees, that the manufacturers of the iCC products and services have achieved outstanding results in the fields of environmentally conscious behavior and Carbon Neutral functioning, and they are continuously developing their activities, in order to overcome Climate Change.

A Better World is still possible.

It is a high priority for us that we manage those renewable energy projects that have positive effects on local communities. The infrastructure and workplaces created by the new power plants brought enormous changes to many people’s lives in Africa, India and China.