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Bakony Adventure Park is 100% carbon free!

From now on we are operating a 100% carbon neutral.

The most serious environmental threat the world has to face is climate change. We at Sobri Jóska Adventure Park decided to be part of the solution of this problem.
The protection of our home, the Earth is a heartfelt concern for all of us but it is also the primary condition of our work. That’s why it is without doubt that we must strive to take genuinely effective steps. For this reason since November 2012 the environmental pollution of our Adventure Park has been reduced to zero which means operating 100% carbon neutral.

Our endeavour is certified by the iCC trade mark.

We are actively looking for new ways to reduce our negative effect on climate change and also our eco-footprint in the widest sense. Through increased energy-efficiency we’ve saved the environment from a large amount of glass-house effect let alone saving on our energy expense.

We became 100% carbon neutral after completing a four-step reduction  and offset programme. 

This included carbon neutralizing our remaining CO2 emission by investing in a renewable energy project, which reduces the ÜHG emission by the exact amount with which we used to pollute the environment. This way we became the first entirely environment-friendly entertainment centre in Hungary.

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