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Carbon Offsetting for becoming Carbon Neutral.

The manufacturers of the iCC products and services are working hard to minimize their negative effects on the environment, and they are continuously searching for new ways to further reduce them. Nevertheless, against all of their efforts to switch to renewable energies and become energy-efficient, they are still causing damage to the environment.

In order to eliminate their effects on Climate Change, the manufacturers invest in renewable energy projects that reduce the emission of greenhouses gases by the amount equal to their pollution on the environment. They are very particular about it, because they want to make sure that their investment has such a positive effect on the environment which could not be achieved without their contribution. For example, if they finance a project that binds greenhouse gases that are produced in a landfill, - instead of letting it loose in the atmosphere – they reduce the total emission of greenhouse gases. With the achieved reduction of greenhouses gases, they compensate their own emission, thus their negative effect on the environment becomes zero.

This is how the iCC products and services become 100% Carbon Neutral.