We’re the generation who overcome climate change.

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Carbon Cycle

Every generation is famous for something. Our generation will overcome Climate Change.

You could easily feel yourself powerless facing such a great challenge, but you should not! Your decisions and actions – even concerning what you buy- have a huge power, and affect the lives of many people all around the world.

MANIFESTO Highland habitats, tropical rainforests and coral-reefs can disappear without a trace. The warming and the acidification of the seas are likely to ruin the marine ecosystem. By 2050, every third species may become extinct.

Since we are part of nature as well, we will suffer from the same consequences. In 2011, Climate Change has threatened hundreds of millions of lives and killed at least 150.000 people.

In order to overcome Climate Change, we need to go back to the source of the problem, which is the excessive emission of Green House gases. By 2050, with the help of the massive spread of renewable energies we will be able to reduce our emission of hazardous gases by 80%, thus stopping Global warming.

To achieve this, we will need You, your Brother, your Friends, so we will need everyone! When you buy an iCC product or service, the iCC partner renounces a part of their profit in the favor of renewable energy projects, so we can overcome Climate Change.

This is how the 100% Carbon Neutral iCC products and services bring about real change.

Become iCC, and join the fight today!