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Dear Visitors,

I am delighted to announce that Hunters’ Portal joined those environment-conscious enterprises that have the protection of the environment at heart and which also contribute to this aim with real action.

I guess it’ no news to anybody that hunters are a naturally environment-conscious lot.  They are the ones who regularly walk out in the woods every year and at any time of day caring for wild animals  - this would not be possible without an in-depth knowledge of nature.

But even we, hunters, realized that we could do more for the environment.  We chose one of the most forward looking way of this: carbon neutralization.  Carbon neutralization is an effective way to offset the pollution emitted in the course of operating our website by financing the development of green energy sources which produce energy without polluting our environment.        

The iCC trademark certifies that we’ve successfully completed the process in agreement with the relevant international standards.

We managed to fulfill our aim that we set last year by the help of the conscientious work of the OurOffset team and it is our firm intention to carry on reducing our carbon footprint after every development we implement, and offset our CO2e emission.

Gyula Preisz Hunters’ Portal