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100% Carbon Free Company

The first carbon-neutrally operating acc. & advisory office! 
Apart from thinking in an environment-friendly way the owners are also making headway in taking steps for the environment.  Getting acquainted with the aims and targets of iCC the management of the office immediately made a decision to go green by the reduction programmes of the office and by investing in carbon credits.

“ We are making serious efforts to up-keep  and continually develop our professional qualities.  Two of our staff are registered tax advisors with the Ministry of National Economy.  They got first and third prizes at the Verlag Dashöfer competition for tax advisors.
Nowadays our service is expected to reduce our clients’ tax payments, simplify their administration, advise them in good time to keep deadlines, notify them about new legislation and changes in the law.  This is why communication gets a leading role in our work.  It is paramount that all your questions are answered!
Please take a look at our services and give our advisors a chance!

Please keep in mind: your problem is our professional challenge!

Nothing is impossible (for us)."

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