100% углеродная нейтрализация вашего предприятия!

Partners of iCC are working hard to minimize their environmental impact and they continue to find new ways to reduce their impact even further. Even after their efforts in energy-efficiency and renewable energy, they still impact the environment.

Thus, above their reduction efforts, these companies go even further to eliminate their negative impact on climate change and to become completely Carbon neutral. They offset their remaining greenhouse gas emission with environmental support (through the use of Carbon Credits). This is how they express their direct responsibility in connection with their emissions of harmful materials.
iCC provides an opportunity for Your company to support renewable energy projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by the amount equal to your company’s pollution on the environment. With the achieved reduction, you compensate your company’s GHG emission, thus your negative impact on the environment becomes zero, that is your company becomes 100% Carbon neutral.


Examples for brand logos:

Carbon Free Company   Carbon Free Air Travel   Carbon Free Website   Carbon Free Vehicle   Carbon Free Event   Carbon Free Supporting   Carbon Free Card
Carbon Free Product   Carbon Free Personal   Karbonsemleges Fesztivál   Carbon Free Printing   Carbon Neutral Race