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Our experts, who are committed to sustainability, provide a professional background from all the fields of industry.


Szilvia Joó - szj(at) - Graduated as an Environmental Engineer and as a Research and Development Engineer, then , for many years, she was engaged in research in the field of Environmental Science with a special focus on water purification – and later started working as a research-project coordinator. She got fully involved in greenhouse gas emission calculation and reduction. Her mission is the development of environmental solutions, and the efficient promotion of their practical implementations, the utilization of renewable energies in particular. She considers green marketing as an efficient tool for uniting and implementing corporate and environmental goals.


László Rampasek - rampi(at) - Pilot, mechanical engineer, has been engaged in environmental protection since 2002. He performed the preparation and initiation of the Hungarian adaptions of various international environmental protection regulations and expectations. He is an expert in sustainable and renewable energy solutions and technologies. He is the pioneer of starting the voluntary carbon market, and a dedicated representative of the need for carbon neutralized companies, products and services.


László Károly - karolylaszlo(at) - Mining-engineer, economist, MBA. iCC’s international advisor. According to him, environmental protection’s primary purpose is to secure mankind’s well-being and survival, and the formation and protection of adequate living conditions through environmental development. He is an expert of the new and sustainable environmental protection technologies. He considers the iCC brand to be his own tool. He processed the voluntary market measures that concern iCC, and the direct and indirect carbon footprint calculation data tables and methods.


Ilona Eötvös and Zoltán - ieotvos(at) - Advisors, on the Romanian market. Their concept is that every person, every situation has a reason. Their goal, through familiarizing and raising understanding of the iCC brand, is to have everyone gain attention about the environmental problems that surround us. Only by working together is it possible to stop the climate change that was caused by human activities.


Райхан Беркеева - raihan(at) - Top level advisor. One of OurOffset Kazakhstan's founders. She is currently engaged in studying and developing the voluntary market. She also studies the adverse effects of the Greenhouse Gases, and is currently working on introduction of the iCC brand in Kazakhstan. There are great opportunities in Kazakhstan in the field of Carbon Market, since it has undertaken the voluntary commitment that it would reduce its emissions by 15% - as compared to the total emissions of 1990 - by 2020.


Dániel Tóth - dani(at) - Economist, marketing communications expert. Designer of iCC’s graphic appearance and its marketing communications advisor. He is able to formulate the fact and essence of carbon neutralization in an extremely broad scale in such ways that consumers can forge actual benefits from it. “A person can have the greatest idea in the world. But if that person can’t convince enough other people, it doesn’t matter.” /Gregory Berns/


Csilla Vaspöri - csilla(at) - Designer, graphic communications expert. Her vocation is reflected in the professionalism with which she displays the iCC brand, in connection with environmental protection and carbon economy. Web and corporate communications advisor. She claims that it is possible to help the environment creatively.


Customer contacts Hungary:

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