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Loveinfo is like a confidentional friend.
- Bettina -

The LoveInfo is a free unintended pregnancy-, and STD prevention application, which provides help in trouble, and teaches the Young in an entertaining manner about responsible sexual behaviour and conscious family planning. It goes heavily against the ostrich policy.

It is a much needed mobile app for the Young, and the founder does everything to keep it free. And also, to make the app and the website ecologically sustainable! In order to do this, she offsets the related CO2 emissions via the Hungarian QFPC carbon credits.

On an iOS device, the application may be accessed from the App Store. In the case of Android devices, it can be downloaded from the Google Play store, for free.

Apple (iOS)

Letöltés - LoveInfo - Langmár BettinaLoveInfo | Bettina Langmár | Education | Free

Letöltés - LoveInfo - Langmár Bettina Letöltés - LoveInfo - Langmár Bettina Letöltés - LoveInfo - Langmár Bettina Letöltés - LoveInfo - Langmár Bettina


Downloading the LoveInfo app is free. It is made for young people with an intent to help them. It serves those who want to inquire with useful information and knowledge, and it can even give concrete help in case of problems. For what are the teens most interested about...?

What would be more obvious in the age of smartphones than an app which everyone may download, and may read at once, or in parts what he/she never dared to ask about sex and the body... or which one might had, but never got satisfying answers. It is quickly accessible, is illustrated by diagrams and funny graphics, and has a language that may be understood even from the age of 12.


Download - LoveInfo - Bettina LangmárLoveInfo | Bettina Langmár | Education | Free

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