Fall Fair in Zalaegerszeg

Do something new!

This way we would like to thank all of our supporters, who made it possible for us with their offerings to bring people as close to the nature as never before. We would like to say a special thank you for the people who live in and nearby Zalaegerszeg, who welcomed iCC with the biggest love and openness, and supported the festival in becoming carbon neutral in different ways and to different extents.

Őszi Vásár - Zalaegerszeg - Fejezd Ki Az Egyetértésed


We have decided to make it possible for the visitors to carbon neutralize their day. We calculated that an ordinary Hungarian person emits 15 kg of CO2e by driving, using electricity, eating, etc. By purchasing a textile armband you support in the saving of a forest that results in the reduction of exactly 15 kg of CO2e from the atmosphere. The aim of our event is to call everyone’s attention to the fact that all of us are needed for changes to happen and to create a livable future for the future generations. By purchasing an armband, your day becomes carbon neutral, which means that your carbon footprint is zero.

Whether you are an individual, a manager of a company, or a politician, together we can create a huge ripple effect! This is the biggest challenge of our time, and it only depends on us whether we can solve it. Visit the YOU and iCC Stand for Sustainability and Express your consent! Share your opinion with everyone! Draw a clean future!