Réthy Fashion

The whole thing started out from an idea that seemed crazy, and of course from our unshakeable beliefs!

Vállalkozásunk a kidobásra ítélt farmeranyag újrahasznosításával foglalkozik.

Réthy Fashion Kft. has calculated and had its own carbon footprint audited. Following this process the company has offset the greenhouse gas emission that is a result of its own activity.

The aim of the company is to ensure that recycling is actually implemented during its operation. It is a basic aim for them that their products cannot show that they are made of recycled material, they must look brand new.

 The collected denim materials are cleaned, processed, sorted by color, tailored, sewed, but before all that the clothes are envisioned. Their simple lines and the smooth decorations show that with a little attention beautiful and harmonious things can be created.

Starting April 2015. Réthy Fashion Kft. is 100% carbon neutral.

They proved with calculations, that recycling the denim materials during the manufacturing process saves us the production of the materials, and thus we only need tailoring and sewing. If we can undertake the same measures in connection with the wearing and the cleaning of said denim clothing, then the extended full life-cycle is extended by 4 years and carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 915/2 kg, which means 457,5kg/denim clothing. The reason for this is that instead of buying new ones, customers can purchase jeans that look new (different, more fashionable). This activity has a positive effect on the environment, because the materials only get delivered to the landfill 4 years later…


Press:  Farmerruha és újra a Réthy Fashion 2016
           Karbonsemleges Szerveren már több Cég 2015