RealGen GmbH

100% Carbon Free Company

RealGen Kft. - Carbon Neutral Server

Our vision from the start has been to do our share in creating a world where people and nature work and live together in harmony. We are responsible for our future and for leaving a clean and fit-for-living environment for the next generations.

This is why we keep on reducing the negative environmental effect of our partners to the minimum with our products and services while seeking new ways to reduce it even further.

We arrived at a mile stone in our way to fulfill our objective: RealGen Ltd. has been working a 100% carbon free since November 2012.

This means that our negative effect on the environment is zero as a result of a 4-step reduction and offset programme. Our achievement is certified by the iCC trade mark.

After the audit analysis we worked hard in order to reduce our energy consumption but we still had some polluting effect left. That’s why, as a final step to offset our CO2 emission we invested in a renewable energy project, which reduces the GHG emission by the exact amount with which we used to pollute the environment, and in this way our net environment polluting has come to zero. In other words RealGen Ltd is a 100% carbon neutral company.

Rampasek Laszlo