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We should support the environment, and it should not be the environment, which support us.

Environmentally conscious life

Zoltán Kocsis &  Mónika Kocsisné SzabóA lot of positive thoughts came to our minds, when we were thinking about how we could implement the environmental approach, the same lifestyle that we live by and act on every day, into our company - Idea Fontana Kft. - The most important fact is that we do this in order to be able to live in a better and cleaner world both now and in the future.

We have come to the conclusion that if we set an example for everybody and show our family’s environmental awareness through our business, we will be able to have an impact on other people’s lives. Why wouldn’t it be possible to implement this feeling and example into our business?

In order to show our commitment, we are the first graphic creative agency to carbon neutralize its web sites and company, uniquely in Hungary. This does not only mean a piece of paper and a certification, but it is a lifestyle, which we would like to pass on to our partners as well.

Our actions, with which we support sustainability and which allows us to give more are listed below:
We calculated our carbon footprint, so if we reduce it year by year we will be able to cross over to a new world, which is as pollution-free as possible.

In order to reduce pollution:

1 : Electronic invoicing was introduced, which results in less paper and ink cartridge consumption.
2 : We use energy-saving bulbs, thus our expenses are reduced.
3 : We deliver our work electronically, if necessary, we use hybrid motor vehicles.
4 : We selectively collect, organize and have the municipal waste removed. We collect light bulbs, plastic items and electronic tools separately.
5 : We use natural materials for cleaning.
6 : We pay special attention not to purchase the main ingredients for meals from multinational companies, which are delivered from far away, instead we favor local products.
7 : We are continuously planting plants in our environment.

Against all our efforts, we still emit harmful materials during our activities. We offset these emissions by supporting the Sofala Community Carbon Project. By doing so, we contributed to the reduction of CO2e emission through rainforest reforestation, equal in amount to our company’s actual emission. This action allowed us to become carbon neutral for 2015, which we are really proud of. Another important fact is that our support contributes to improving the conditions of life of an African village community and it also helps solving sanitary and educational tasks.

It is our belief that this feeling and commitment should be familiarized with as many companies as possible in order to commit themselves as individuals to environmentally conscious life.

It has become a joint task in our times that we should support the environment, and it should not be the environment, which support us. It isn’t late for anybody to change our approach!

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